Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I recently created a candle called "Touch". I did not initially have a name for it, but after putting together a wonderful combination of fragrances I took my first whiff of what could easily be my next best seller and thought "Wow..This smell is so warm and comforting". I could think of any better name than "Touch". I just wondered when other crafters create something new do they have the name in mind first? Or are they inspired by what they made and then give it a name? Is it inspiration that drives you and your craft? Tell me about one of your craft pieces and what inspired you.....

Saturday, July 26, 2008

How To Be Successful..Part II

Note to self...Regardless of how little stock you have, take it with you even if its just an example. Never leave your purse in the car because your business cards are in there. If you are going to a party ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS take a candle as a host gift. Why? People will always remember to invite you to their parties because they know they will get a host gift which in turn is the same as marketing. Can you imagine the amount of people that will be exposed to your work from a simple host gift that displays your creative ability?

Reader: Let this be a lesson to you as well...If you make jewelry wear it. If you make cards, give one. etc..It seems simple but how often do we just forget in the process of trying to get ready for a party? We are no longer just a name, we are a business...Walk the walk, talk the talk.

I am Designs By Jehan.

Ok...off to my next gathering : )

Friday, July 25, 2008

How To Be Successful

So today I am wondering as I lay here in bed over coming a summer cold (ugh!) how you become successful at selling your craft? Its funny because when I come into my home and see bits and pieces of my projects sitting around I am glad that I love what I do. At the same time, various blankets, candles, etc can not continue to multiply and look "cute" in my house. At some point you have to be able to move your product. I feel confident in the things that I have done to get my work out there, however unless I am making enough money off of my sales to consider doing it full time I haven't reached the point of personal success. So in other words, I'm not there yet. I am just curious to see what other avenues or ideas other people have used to become successful...Stay tuned...This topic is sure to provide me with lots of research and answers.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

How Did I Get Here?

It all started out from the time I was a little girl. I would have to sit in the house due to my allergies while the other children were outside playing. It was lonely at first and I would spend countless hours in the window watching everyone while they did the things that children do. Sure I went outside and played, but some days my allergies were worse than others and I would find myself with swollen eyes and uncontrollable bouts of sneezing.

I remember one day going into my mothers room where she kept her sewing machine and going through countless cuts of fabric and picking out pieces that Iwould later design clothes for my Barbies. I first started out making simple dresses. They were pieces of material that I would stretch around my Barbie and add a snap in the back as a closure. Then I graduated to using needle and thread and eventually using the sewing machine.

Crafting has always been therapeutic for me from sewing to the homemade handsoap I made my mother as a child out of God knows what. But regardless of what I made, I was proud of it and always looked for the opportunity to expand upon my skills. In 2004 I began dabbling in soy candles and discovered that I enjoyed the element of design and creativity it aloud me. From scent combinations to colors and containers, I realized that I could offer something that the average retail store could not, custom made candles. And now in 2008, I still offer my customers a constantly evolving product that leaves them impressed and coming back for more. My natural uncolored wax provides my customers the opportunity to carry their candles from one room to another without having to worry about their candles clashing with their color schemes. On the other hand special request for an orange blueberry muffin candle or a green oatmeal raisin cookie always seem to make their way into my email request.

Although soy candles are the main foundation of my business Design's By Jehan, I am a constantly growing and expanding crafter that enjoys the opportunity to add my creativity to new or recycled materials to bring new and different items to life.