Saturday, July 26, 2008

How To Be Successful..Part II

Note to self...Regardless of how little stock you have, take it with you even if its just an example. Never leave your purse in the car because your business cards are in there. If you are going to a party ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS take a candle as a host gift. Why? People will always remember to invite you to their parties because they know they will get a host gift which in turn is the same as marketing. Can you imagine the amount of people that will be exposed to your work from a simple host gift that displays your creative ability?

Reader: Let this be a lesson to you as well...If you make jewelry wear it. If you make cards, give one. etc..It seems simple but how often do we just forget in the process of trying to get ready for a party? We are no longer just a name, we are a business...Walk the walk, talk the talk.

I am Designs By Jehan. to my next gathering : )


kim* said...

sounds good, always remembering the little things.

Vanessa said...

Great tips!

Terri said...

These are great tips!